Secondary Traumatic Stress Developing Resilience (Trauma Healing Community Resilience Development)

Long-term Training Course

Desert Bloom a long with 22 NGOs from 12 countries from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea are participating in “Secondary Traumatic Stress Developing Resilience” project that has started almost a year ago. The project, which is led by Feminenza International, UK and involves 14 workshops, aims at building youth workers’ competencies to better deal with secondary traumatic stress. Participants are acquiring:

  • Capacity to recognize and monitor the risk of Secondary Trauma Stress (STS)
  • Tools and skills to prevent and mitigate STS
  • Build inner resilience
  • Help to establish low-cost methods to monitor and reduce STS in their organizations.


Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) occurs when an individual is exposed to people who have been traumatized themselves. It can be observed for instance between first responders, nurses and physicians, mental health care workers or children of traumatized parents. Constant disposure for traumatic events and distress can eventually have dramatic effects. Symptoms of secondary trauma are similar to those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and it can include depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate or compassion fatigue.


Topics covered so far:


  • Gender and Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • Managing Mental Trauma – The Anatomy of trauma in the brain
  • Managing Mental Trauma – Value & Resilience
  • Managing Mental Trauma – The Place of Value – a mind state
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding



Working with marginalized and traumatized communities, especially forcedly displaced migrants and refugees and people with fewer opportunities, Desert Bloom staff is committed to equip its leaders with the competencies to mitigate STS.


For more details, please visit the project page at project leader website: