Sports Day "Quality Physical Education" the aftermath of COVID 19

Amman, on18 Nov. 2021

Desert Bloom organized the “Quality in physical Education project": the aftermath of covid-19 pandemic sports day on 18 Nov. 2021, within the framework of the "Advocacy for Quality Physical Education in the Arab Region" project . The project was implemented by Chabibeh Sporting Club Lebanon, in collaboration with Desert Bloom Jordan, and in partnership with the UNESCO Office Beirut.

The event was conducted in cooperation with the University of Jordan- College of Sports Sciences, Mutah University, the Hashemite University and the Ministry of Youth and the Paralympic Hope Jordan Volleyball Federation.

About 70 participants took part in this sports day representing students, coaches, sports educators and some Jordanian sports federations.

The project consisted of three main activities:


  1.  A training workshop for young people from different Arab countries on UNESCO's policy of supporting young people in designing and implementing advocacy campaigns for Quality Physical education and gender equality.
  2.  Organizing national events on “Quality Physical Education” in Jordan and Lebanon.
  3.  Organizing a webinar on the topic of quality in specific physical education.

Project target group included: trainers, teachers, physical education teachers in schools and universities, students from the Faculty of Physical Education, qualified sports workers, physical education teachers from different regions in Jordan (North, South and Central). Sports association with persons with disabilities of both sexes. We considered the gender balance and geographical distribution while selecting our participants and trainers.

The participants in the sports day were rotated over a number of stations (3-4 stations, 45 minutes each) as follows:

A- Empowering women through sports and gender equality station (focusing on leadership skills, non-violence, equality) using football game.

B - Team building station, focusing on teamwork and inclusion.

C- Refugee inclusion station, through exercises of inclusion, sports inclusion and diversity.

Participants built their capacities on the following area:

- Advocacy for working towards quality physical education.

- How to integrate people from different faiths and backgrounds.

- How to use sports as a tool to integrate people with fewer opportunities including refugees and other marginalized groups.

- How to manage sports activities that enhance inclusion and embrace diversity.

Below is a video about the sports day in Amman