Fostering Economic and Social Resilience
through Capacity Building Investing in people for a positive change ".

Unleashing people’s full potential to develop skills and competencies so as to take greater control of their own lives and also contributes to inclusive local development.

Safeguarding the Environment
" There is Only One Earth Every Person can Make a Difference.


We face triple planetary crisis: climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and the increase in pollution and waste.

If everyone did one little efforts toward implementing the 5 R's of Zero-Waste lifestyle – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot, we will have millions of actions to protect our earth.

Global citizens
" Connecting people for a more inclusive world " .

We educate and empower people to become globally competent.

We reinforce global competence and universal morality promoting values of respect, cultural diversity to create opportunities for all and advance a shared respect for human dignity.

What's New

PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE

Desert Bloom is a partner in "PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE" funded by EU (under Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth). Project No. 101051323 ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB. The project duration is 24 months and it had started in January 2022.

The project aims at:

  • Acknowledging feelings about climate change and learning ways of managing them “Not avoiding them.
  • Creating new social norms about protecting the environment where “Green is the new black”.
  • Breaking collective silence about climate. Engaging everyone in protecting our planet.
  • Inspiring positive visions to identify steps to mitigate climate change highlighting how restoring climate reinforces our core values.
  • Engaging with nature to re-discover the connection with it.

Project partners and their rule (according to their expertise)”

  1. Permacultura Cantabria, Spain (project leader) - Environmental Side, from Climate Change to Climate Emergency.
  2. Desert Bloom, Jordan- Social and Community side, from separation to collaboration
  3. Agrado- Italy- Emotional Side, from Eco-anxiety to Eco-involvement.
  4. Education Innovators Kosovo, Kosovo- Digitalisation side, from social networks to social work-in-net.

About Us

Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development

Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development

The history of Desert Bloom goes back to around the end of the second millennium, when we established the "Self-Improvement Initiative" to enhance graduates’ employability skills under the University of Jordan Alumni Club. The repercussions of World Trade Centre tragedy in 2001, particularly the growing distrust between the west and the Middle East, incited us to go global establishing "Quested Peace organization" in 2002. Quested Peace contributed to building bridges of understanding and restoring trust between the West and the Middle East. In 2004, Quested Peace joined the United Religions Initiative (URI), the largest grassroots interfaith and peace-building organization worldwide.  In July 2018, Quested Peace changed its name to Desert Bloom.

Creating pathways for positive change

Behind every success there is a great team, together we can make our world a better place for all

Our Recent News


Desert Bloom’s young staff and volunteers shared their experience in Spain about sustainable living.

Desert Bloom’s young staff and volunteers shared their experience in Spain about sustainable living.

Ten young people of Desert Bloom shared the experiences gained from their participation in the Youth Exchange that was hosted by Permacultura Cantabria in Cantabria, Spain from 18-25 Oct. 2022. The exchange was under “PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate Change” project.

They young people highlighted the risks of climate change on our physical and mental survival on front of 40 people in a URI Faith for Earth workshop held in Dec. 2022. They tackled daily habits that accelerating climate change. The made it clear that our lifestyle choices matter. They impact the world around us, hence, it is everyone responsibility to stop hearting our one and one planet. We all need to make our lives more environmentally friendly by greening our lives toward “Zero Waste” lifestyle”, said Shaden Hayari. She also gave example on how to practice the 5 principles of Zero Waste (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) on our daily life. Moreover, Mutaz, Rama and Ahmad shared some ecological farming and sustainability practices, including biobuilding, Rainwater harvesting, storage heating stoves and recycling the waste oil into a fuel. All these practices they had learn during their visit to an ecological farm in Cantabria.

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"A Journey with Nature"

"A Journey with Nature" - A Day Workshop Unveiling the Psychological and Eco-Social aspects of Climate Change and Earth Restoration

In the serene setting of Bayyudah Village near As-Salt, Desert Bloom conducted a transformative workshop unfolded on November 20, 2023. Drawing together a diverse group of 36 participants, including passionate youth workers, NGO leaders, and rural youth, the event sought to delve into the intricate tapestry of climate change and Earth's restoration.

At the outset, we embraced a collaborative approach by dividing our attendees into four smaller groups. Each group delved into distinct yet interconnected topics, unraveling the complexities of climate change. Armed with newfound expertise, participants prepared engaging presentations to share their insights with the larger group, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge.

The workshop thoughtfully navigated through key themes, including:

  1. From Climate Change to Climate Emergency: Addressing the Climate Crisis, Climate Justice, Tipping Points, the Greenhouse Effect, and the intersection of Food and Climate Crisis.
  2. Biodiversity's Crucial Role: Illuminating how biodiversity underpins the processes supporting all life on Earth, including the intricate connections with human existence.
  3. Social Aspects of Climate Change: Encompassing discussions on Environmental Justice, Climate Change Migration and Refugees, the significance of interculturality and transnationality in climate change work, social justice within the climate change context, and the resilience and cohesion fostered through Community Building.
  4. Empowering Action: Exploring avenues for tangible change, the workshop encouraged participants to discover their personal plant. Despite the prevalence of concrete surroundings, the workshop reminded us of the often-overlooked beauty in the ecosystem around us. Using plant identification apps, participants engaged in hands-on exploration, identifying various plants and trees. Each participant not only introduced their chosen plant to the group but also depicted it through art, fostering a creative exchange of unique drawings and the sharing of intriguing facts about different plant species.

The workshop transcended traditional boundaries, fostering a holistic understanding of climate change and inspiring actionable steps towards a sustainable future. Through collaboration, exploration, and creativity, participants emerged not only as informed advocates for the environment but as stewards committed to nurturing the delicate balance between humanity and the planet.

The workshop serves as a pivotal Multiplier Event, providing a platform to disseminate the wealth of knowledge accrued during the PEACE Project (101051323-PEACE-ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB). This gathering stands as a culmination of our collective learning journey, offering an opportunity to share insights, experiences, and discoveries that have unfolded throughout the course of the project.

Please check the workshop video:

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EntrepreneurSelf Training Course, 23 to 30 Oct. 2023, Málaga, Spain

The "EntrepreneurSelf" training course brought together youth workers from eight countries with a primary goal: fostering collaboration to advocate for the importance of youth entrepreneurship in bringing their business concepts to life.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for dedicated youth workers and leaders who share a common interest in empowering young individuals to partake in entrepreneurial endeavors, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, it aims to pave the way for the development of international projects that bridge diverse realities and share a wealth of experiences. Gratitude to EuroMuevete for excellent organization.

Sara Abdulraheem and Jude Darwazeh shared their transformative experiences during an Erasmus project in Malaga. The journey unfolded over six days, marked by enthusiastic collaboration and personal growth. They wrote:

Day 1: Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey: Our adventure kicked off with enthusiasm and collaboration. Team-building activities set the stage for a harmonious and supportive atmosphere. We openly shared our expectations, fears, and contributions, fostering a sense of unity. The introduction to entrepreneurship sparked curiosity and set the tone for the days ahead.

Day 2: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape: A dynamic day filled with a simulation game allowed us to explore entrepreneurship hands-on. National realities on young entrepreneurship were presented, providing valuable insights. The role-play on conflicts in professional communication challenged us to refine our interpersonal skills. A stroll through the town added a cultural touch, bonding us further as a team.

Day 3: Tackling Youth Unemployment and Exploring Success Stories: We delved into the pressing issues of youth unemployment and the role of entrepreneurial education. Exploring Entrecomp equipped us with a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial competencies. The night ended with the intercultural night which was marvelous.

Day 4: Immersing Ourselves in Malaga: A study visit allowed us to delve into the heart of Malaga, gaining a deeper appreciation for the local culture and history. Exploring the city added a touch of adventure and provided a well-deserved break from our intensive training program.

Day 5: Green Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking: Immersed in a simulation exercise on green entrepreneurship, we explored sustainable business ideas. The application of the Design Thinking methodology became a powerful tool as we transformed our ideas into tangible projects. The day concluded with a lively Halloween party, blending learning with celebration.

Day 6: Crafting Business Plans and Reflecting on the Journey: On the final day, each group poured their creativity into developing business plans. Brainstorming and discussions led to beautiful ideas taking shape. The process of presenting our ideas became a transformative experience, deepening our understanding of entrepreneurship and empowering us to build and develop our own ventures. The day concluded with heartfelt reflections, summarizing the collective journey of growth, collaboration, and newfound entrepreneurial knowledge.

Sara Abdulraheem's Testimony: The experience was a dynamic blend of education, culture, and hands-on learning. Each day significantly contributed to our personal and collective growth, leaving an enduring impact on our understanding of entrepreneurship.

Jude Darwazeh's Testimony: In my second Erasmus+ experience with Desert Bloom, the project created a vibrant tapestry of experiences, seamlessly integrating education, culture, and hands-on learning. Each day played a crucial role in shaping both our individual and collective growth, leaving a lasting imprint on our comprehension of entrepreneurship. I express sincere gratitude to Desert Bloom for this invaluable experience that has broadened my perspective and enriched my skills.


Please check this video about the project

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First URI MENA "Youth Camp on Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

First URI MENA "Youth Camp on Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding, Jordan, October 6-8, 2023
From October 6th to October 8th, a dynamic three-day youth camp was held in Jordan, addressing the vital theme of "Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding." This enlightening event was jointly organized by URI MENA and Desert Bloom. It brought together enthusiastic young individuals from diverse countries in the MENA region, who convened in Amman to engage in meaningful dialogues and discussions centered around the crucial topics of peace and conflict resolution.
The camp's agenda spanned a wide spectrum of subjects, encompassing aspects of identity, diversity, peacebuilding, and much more. To make the learning experience interactive and engaging, the camp utilized games and group exercises that allowed participants to internalize their newfound knowledge.
To foster an environment of trust and open communication, participants initially participated in various team-building exercises and ice-breaking games. The camp then employed the "world café" method to establish a common understanding of key concepts relevant to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Participants, in rotating small groups, brainstormed and deliberated on the meanings of essential terms, such as White Supremacy, Populism, Xenophobia, Violent Radicalization, Socioeconomic Inclusion, Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding, Community Resilience, Reconciliation, Moral Imagination, and Restorative Justice.
Afterward the camp delved into more complex concepts. Substantial time was devoted to exploring the core values of human rights, particularly human dignity and equality. This understanding was extended to other fundamental values, including freedom, non-discrimination, tolerance, and respect for others. The aim was to protect and ensure human dignity, justice, and a shared responsibility for the rights of all individuals, which necessitates taking responsibility for one's actions and working toward the realization of human rights for all.
One workshop segment critically examined the concept of identity, employing the iceberg model to encourage participants to recognize the multi-layered nature of identities, both visible and invisible. This heightened awareness highlighted the importance of personal and cultural sensitivity when navigating potential conflicts with others. Another workshop component focused on effective inclusion strategies, using the "privilege walk" exercise to raise awareness about personal privileges and existing social inequalities.
To further explore practical approaches to conflict transformation and peacebuilding, the camp introduced a real-world case study: the Rwandan Genocide. Participants were tasked with analyzing and discussing this case to propose strategies for sustaining peace in Rwanda, which could potentially be applied in other conflict scenarios.

Check this video about the camp:


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Better understanding leads to successful ending

Better understanding leads to successful ending

Training course, from 19 to 25 Sept. 2023 in Budy Glogowskie, Poland

The training, hosted by the Fundacja im. Braci Soluńskich-Cyryla i Metodego and co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus Plus program, brought together 28 participants from a diverse range of countries, including Bulgaria, Georgia, Jordan, North Macedonia, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

The primary aim of this training program is to elevate the knowledge and practical experience of young individuals in the field of sustainable development, with a particular focus on ecological urban community development and environmental protection. It aims to foster the practical skills of future experts in ecology and leisure related to urban climate adaptation, waste management, green space preservation, and sustainable urban community development.

Additionally, the program seeks to address multiple other goals:

  1. Mitigating the adverse effects of isolation and quarantine, while also promoting the physical well-being of project participants and reducing Internet addiction.
  2. Facilitating an intercultural exchange of experiences to foster multi-dimensional social development and promote democratic values, as well as to stimulate the initiation and support of innovative solutions across various aspects of social life.
  3. Promoting student mobility and cultural connections, fostering new friendships and international networks.
  4. Engaging local community representatives in addressing youth issues and promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people.
  5. Providing support for individuals with disabilities, enhancing their social inclusion and participation.

In summary, the central aim of this exchange program is to empower young people with knowledge and practical skills in sustainable development, while simultaneously addressing a range of related social, health, and cultural objectives.

Check this out!

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Meet the Nature Where It Belongs

"Meet the Nature Where It Belongs: A European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteer Project in Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal, August 1-30, 2023

This short-term Volunteering Team in high priority areas project achieved its objectives of promoting solidarity and lasting cooperation, through volunteering, between youngsters and the local community. Also, it included many activities that promote environmental protection including green practices, sustainable living and climate action. The project, which was hosted by MEDesTU, gathered 15 young volunteers from Desert Bloom and their leader along with some volunteers from Portugal, Egypt and Lebanon.

The young participants learnt about ecological principles and practiced permaculture bio-building principles. Also, they had the chance to improve their multimedia and planned skills. They organize a conference about ESC and Erasmus+ Programme and conducted interactive sessions on eco-friendly lifestyle.   Check this short video about the project made by the volunteers.

Below some feedback from volunteers:

Faten Ashour

I'm thrilled to join the "Meet Nature Where It Belongs" project in Vila Puoca di Aguiar, Portugal. First and foremost, I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Desert Bloom for granting me this life-changing opportunity. We embrace nature in its natural Habitat.  Throughout this project, we wholeheartedly immersed ourselves in the unspoiled beauty of nature. We engaged in various activities, including setting up tents, tending to farms, mastering the art of making fires, cooking outdoors, and adopting eco-friendly practices like using natural detergents and constructing dry toilets. Despite a few challenges encountered with our host organization, we managed to successfully complete our project, thanks to the invaluable support of the Portuguese Civil Defense and the Municipality of Vila Puoca di Aguiar.

During the project, we visited the Tamera Peace Research & Education Center in Portugal, a community that works toward autonomous decentralized models for a post-capitalist world, with those who share their vision of Terra Nova, the vision of a planetary culture of autonomous and interconnected communities: a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war. We learnt how to become "a self-sufficient, sustainable and duplicable communitarian model for nonviolent cooperation and cohabitation between humans, animals, nature, and Creation for a future of peace for all. There is no financial exchange within the village, but rather there is an exchange of social services.

We explored Portuguese culture, traditions, and attended local festivals. I also visited the historic University of Coimbra and Alvao Natural Park to learn about local flora and fauna.

At the project's end, we organized a conference and a Jordanian food bazaar for the local community. This experience outside Jordan has enriched me personally and allowed me to make new connections. I'm thankful to Desert Bloom and everyone who contributed positively to our project's success.


Motasem Al-Najdawi

Hello! I'm Motasem, and I'm 25 years old. I have a background in physical education. My journey into volunteering began in 2016 in Jordan, where I collaborated with various organizations. Over time, I had the privilege to work with children, youth, and rural communities. Now, I'm excited to share my first international volunteering experience, which has brought me to Vila Puoca di Aguiar, Portugal, as part of the European Solidarity Corps project "Meet Nature Where It Belongs" with Desert Bloom for a one-month commitment.

While there have been challenges along the way, the positive aspects have consistently overshadowed the negatives. It's essential always to focus on the bright side of volunteering.

This experience beyond Jordan's borders has been incredibly valuable to me. Not only have I had the opportunity to immerse myself in new languages and cultures, but I've also come to realize that prior experience in a specific field is not always necessary. In a nutshell, humans learn best through experience, and we have the power to shape our own growth.

The European Solidarity Corps plays a pivotal role in fostering genuine intercultural dialogue. As a Jordanian, I've brought with me a rich tapestry of traditions, cuisine, and language that might be unfamiliar to many Europeans. Through open and respectful conversations, I've had the privilege to share the beauty of Jordanian culture, from our warm hospitality to the diverse flavors that adorn our tables. In return, I've been fortunate to immerse myself in the diverse European cultures.

In closing, I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported me on this incredible journey. A special thank you goes out to Desert Bloom, the organization I'm currently affiliated with, for making this experience possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Osama Alasmar

I will talk about what I benefited from during my volunteer period in Portugal, which was in August

Firstly I would like to thank Desert Bloom and European Solidarity Corps for offering this chance. 

I would like to speak on the intellectual level, my thinking about life has evolved, iIt opens my mind to things in nature that I was not aware of. I have improved my personality, become bolder in speaking, and become more effective in speaking. I have learned a lot in facing difficulties. I have learned to adapt to all circumstances and ensure that all circumstances are fleeting. I discovered a new culture

We have created many events including inviting municipal members and gave a presentation about Jordan Egypt and Lebanon with other volunteers from Egypt and Lebanon as well and we presented some Jordanian food and dessert. We visited the village of Tamira, which aims become a self-sufficient community model

We coexisted in nature, learned how to make a fire the right way, built a dry toilet, and learned how to set up tents and plow the land as well. We faced many difficulties on the receiving end, but we were able to overcome them with positive, energetic team spirit. Thank you for the experiences I have gained

Imad Amer, Lebanon

This project was a voluntary initiative as part of the European Solidarity Corps, targeting two main areas: "Bioconstruction" and "Permaculture," focusing on environmentally friendly architecture and sustainable agriculture. We faced significant challenges during the project, with logistics and project management being among the most challenging aspects, largely due to inadequate management by the Portuguese hosting organization.

On a positive note, the local Portuguese authorities cooperated effectively with us, including the Vila Pouca de Aguiar Municipality, the Portuguese Civil Defense (Bombeiros Vila Pouca de Aguiar), and Portuguese volunteers like Patrícia Portelinha and Patricia Vasconcelos. They greatly enriched our experience and provided insights into Portuguese rural culture, traditions, and the spirit of collaboration and solidarity among the people.

Throughout the project, we met with representatives from the Vila Pouca de Aguiar Municipality and learned about their various activities, such as civil organization, engineering, healthcare, public facilities management, planning, resource management, and efforts to encourage cooperative initiatives and attract investments to the region. They also shared their experiences in creating public amenities like swimming pools, football fields, and organizing festivals in the villages within the municipality. We noticed similarities between their challenges and those in our region in Lebanon, as both strive for community development.

We also visited Tamera, an environmental village, which is one of the largest eco-villages in the world, hosting people of various nationalities, ages, and professions. Tamera aims to redefine the concept of community based on different principles, emphasizing social exchange instead of financial transactions and adopting a vegetarian and organic diet and other sustainable practices.

Furthermore, we visited the Civil Defense center in Vila Pouca de Aguiar, which covers a vast area, directly supervised by the municipality and central firefighting authority. We got acquainted with their equipment, operations, and the services they provide to the community.

We also met with experts in environmental architecture and discussed concepts, local building materials, sustainability, and practices for reducing environmental impact and adopting eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles.

Overall, these experiences were incredibly enriching and provided valuable insights into the communities and environmental and social projects in Portugal and Lebanon. They will help us develop and improve our projects in the future.

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"A Journey to Media and Cultural Learning" in Germany

"A Journey to Media and Cultural Learning" in Germany - September 2023

In the continued pursuit of the "A Journey to Media and Cultural Literacy" project, following the successful inaugural visit by Tomorrow Together - Germany to Jordan, Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development embarked on a mission to Germany to advance the project's objectives. The project was generously funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) under the CCP Synergy program, which promotes cooperative partnerships among civil society organizations. It aimed to explore the influence of media communication on culture while championing Sustainable Development Goal no. 17, fostering global partnerships.

During the trip, we engaged in meaningful interactions with like-minded organizations and cultural institutions in Bonn, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Berlin. Our itinerary included:

  • Our History. Germany since 1945 - A permanent exhibition in Bonn.
  • Seraji Foundation Bonn: We explored potential collaborations in hosting volunteers, Arabic language courses, Erasmus Plus programs, group ESC projects, cultural programs, and more.
  • Haus der Integration, Bonn. We gained insights into their community action initiatives and best practices in integration. We also learned about their Paper Magazine "Die Grenze" and the foundation's online news portal "our-voice-online."
  • Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (University of Applied Sciences) - Discussions centered around potential cooperation in Capacity-building projects are international cooperation projects under Erasmus Plus and cooperation in the field of student exchanges.
  • Museum Koenig (Natural History Museum)
  • The Cologne Central Mosque
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • United Religions Initiative (URI) Office in Bonn
  • Deutsche Muslim-Liga Bonn e.V.
  • Refugee families in Berlin - We had the honor of meeting two refugee families in Berlin, gaining insights into their refugee journeys and how they successfully integrated into German society.

In summary, Desert Bloom's visit to Germany accomplished the following objectives:

- Forging robust partnerships

- Sharing innovative ideas

- Enhancing our understanding of cultural variances in media consumption and addressing core challenges.

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Healthy Potter and the Chamber of Emotions

"Healthy Potter and the Chamber of Emotions" Youth Exchange - August 2023

Desert Bloom participated in "Healthy Potter and the Chamber of Emotions" youth exchange hosted by Nordstadjugend a.s.b.l. in Luxembourg, spanning from August 18th to August 27th, 2023. This inspiring project was made possible through co-funding from the Erasmus+ program.

The exchange brought together a diverse group of 25 young individuals, aged 18 to 26, including five members from Desert Bloom. The remaining 20 participants hailed from Luxembourg, Sweden, Italy, and Slovenia. Set against the backdrop of the enchanting Luxembourg City, this program had a primary focus on nurturing mental health and promoting self-care, fostering artistic creativity through activities like pottery and poetry slam. Beyond just guiding a group, it aimed to establish a secure space for open discussions on mental health, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

This exchange successfully achieved its core objectives: a) Raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. b) Facilitating open and constructive discussions about mental well-being. c) Enabling the effective sharing of diverse cultural perspectives on mental health. d) Cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants.

The program featured a comprehensive range of activities and events that effectively addressed mental health while promoting cross-cultural understanding:

  1. Mental Health Workshops: Leaders and participants from each country conducted workshops, sharing insights and strategies to enhance well-being.
  2. Sharing Personal Stories: Participants were encouraged to share their own experiences with mental health challenges, fostering empathy and support.
  3. Cultural Reflections: The program explored the cultural dimensions of mental health, emphasizing different societies' approaches and practices.
  4. Creative Expression: Art, music, and various creative outlets served as therapeutic tools, allowing participants to express themselves and manage stress.
  5. Group Discussions: Facilitated group discussions encouraged open dialogue about mental health, ensuring that diverse perspectives were heard and respected.


Testimonial by Rama Al-odat, Leader of the Jordanian Team:

Navigating the complexities of leadership while representing Jordan taught me invaluable lessons in communication, adaptability, and collaboration. Witnessing the team's enthusiasm and dedication to raising awareness about mental health in our unique way has been profoundly rewarding. Interacting with participants from diverse countries not only expanded my cultural awareness but also deepened my appreciation for the beauty of diverse perspectives. Engaging in discussions, sharing stories, and collaborating on projects underscored the significance of fostering global connections.

As a team, we've exchanged not just knowledge but heartfelt stories, breaking down stereotypes and forging authentic connections. This experience has enriched the lives of all involved while contributing to the reduction of the stigma surrounding mental health and the promotion of well-being on a global scale. It has been an overwhelmingly positive and enlightening experience for everyone.

I am immensely grateful to Desert Bloom for entrusting me with the role of the Jordanian team leader in this exchange. This opportunity has been a profound and enriching experience, allowing me to grow as a leader and foster meaningful connections with participants from diverse backgrounds. The dedication of Desert Bloom to promoting intercultural understanding and personal development is truly commendable, and I am thankful for the chance to be a part of it. This experience has broadened my horizons and taught me the importance of fostering understanding and cooperation on a global scale. Thank you, Desert Bloom, for this invaluable opportunity.


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The 2nd newsletter of the project: "PEACE: Psychological and Ecosocial Aspects of Climate Change"

We are delighted to present the 2nd newsletter of the project: "PEACE: Psychological and Ecosocial Aspects of Climate Change" (Erasmus-Youth-2021-CB-101051323).

Discover the progress of our project and its exciting updates. In this newsletter you will find:

Information about what PEACE is.

What we have done so far.

And... what lies ahead.

Attached is the Arabic version of the Newsletter. For English version just click the below link

Don't miss it out.

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Audiobook version of "From Negativity to Activity" Guide

PEACE Project partners are pleased to announce the launch of the audiobook version of "From Negativity to Activity" guide which aims to provide youth workers with the knowledge and resources they need to support young people in addressing the complex and multifaceted challenges of climate change.

Just click here to listen to the English version of the audiobook:

This audiobook is an output part of the project "PEACE: Psychological and eco-social aspects of climate change" (Erasmus-Youth-2021-CB-101051323). Co-funded by the European Union, under Erasmus Plus, KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth. 

PEACE Project Partners

• Permacultura Cantabria, Spain

• Desert Bloom, Jordan

• Associazione Agrado, Italy

• Education Innovators Kosova, Kosovo

#peace #peaceproject #climatechange #globalwarming #environment #sustainability #climateaction #savetheplanet #nasa #PermaculturaCantabria #associazioneagrado #eikosovo

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“How to help young migrants”

“How to help young migrants” expert Seminar, 5-12 June 2023,  Gdansk, Poland

Desert Bloom recently participated in the "How to Help Young Migrants" expert seminar, co-founded by the European Union under Erasmus+ KA153-YOU. The seminar took place in Gdansk, Poland, and was hosted by Zespół Szkół Technicznych CentrumKształcenia Zawodowego wRusocinie. The event focused on exploring innovative methods of working with young migrants and refugees to facilitate their integration into hosting societies through formal and informal education. It also provided unique opportunities to expand participants' experiences in cross-cultural collaboration and cultural diversity. The seminar comprised several components:

  1. Study visits to primary and secondary schools operating in the Poviat Gdański were organized to learn about working with youth of migrant origin through formal and informal education. School teachers presented their integration methods and approaches for young refugees from Ukraine to become part of the local community.
  2. Meetings with the authorities of the Poviat Gdański were held to gain insights into their practices in creating migrant-friendly formal and informal education environments.
  3. Valuable tools were shared during the seminar for conducting intercultural education sessions that aid in the integration of young refugees from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Word-Cafe sessions were conducted to facilitate the exchange of experiences and create safe spaces for discussions.
  5. Sightseeing and cultural trips were arranged to provide participants with a deeper understanding of Pomerania's architecture, culture, and traditions. The itinerary included visits to the European Solidarity Center, the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, guided tours of the historic center of Gdańsk, as well as trips to Gdynia and Sopot.

For more information about the project, watch this video created by Hadeel:


Testimony of Hadeel from Desert Bloom:

We are grateful to the Erasmus+ program for enabling cross-Mediterranean cooperation among NGOs. The training allowed us to exchange experiences and practices, preparing our youth for real-life challenges. We practiced language skills, learned to initiate ideas, and embraced diverse cultures. We appreciate the Polish educational system, the warm hospitality of local authorities, professors, students, and the mayor. All visits were well-organized and breathtaking. The training had a positive impact, fostering cooperation, communication, and goal achievement. Erasmus+ empowered us to gain experience, share knowledge, and contribute to our local societies. We extend our gratitude to everyone who made us feel at home. We look forward to more projects for a better future.

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