Volunteers as peace agents

Training course, Vienna from 24-30 May 2019

Volunteers as peace agents- training course, Vienna from 24-30 May 2019
The founder of Desert Bloom and the URI MENA Regional Coordinator participated in “Volunteers as Agents for Peace” training course in Vienna- Austria from 24-30 May 2019. The training attended by 50 participants from Europe, MENA and Asia.
The training was aimed at fostering the role of peacebuilding organizations, youth workers and voluntary organizations’ in promoting and building to peace as well as combating against hate speeches. Also, the training tackled different approaches in preparing, mentoring and evaluating voluntary projects in order to support volunteers to act as peace agents.
The participants shared many innovative ideas about the role of volunteers in promoting peace. Many peacebuilding tools were introduced. Also, strategies to act as peace messengers and to reduce stereotypes were tackled. We had many fruitful debates about peace work among young people from all over the world, particularly from Europe and Mediterranean countries.
The program included conducting 3 small projects for local community in Vienna. This had enabled participants to have good chances to interact with local community and practice their role as agents for peace. One of the projects was to do street action where 14 participants did some street performances in public spaces. The group succeeded in attracting audience and delivering peaceful messages about Peace, Diversity, Minority Rights and Disability Inclusion.
This training course was co-financed with the friendly support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.