Desert Bloom participated in "Youth in Rural Development" training course

Desert Bloom participated in "Youth in Rural Development" training course held in Agros, Cyprus from 31 August to 6 September 2019.

The project aimed to provide participants (who represent youth-focused organizations) with competencies needed for youth economic empowerment, particularly youth in rural and marginalized areas who have limited employment opportunities.
The 32 participants came from 8 countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Jordan and North Macedonia.
The training covered several competencies including project management and Entrepreneurial skills. Also, it contains several field visits to local startups and small businesses, including Rose Factory, Sweet Factory, Water Factory and Agrotouristic house. Additionally, we had interactive sessions with two representatives from Rural Development Commissions, the Minster of Agriculture & Rural Development and the Mayor of Nicosia (the Capital of Cyprus). We learnt about the government strategic plans to enhance rural youth employability.
The Government is running different programs to restore traditional villages to promote agrotourism in Cyprus which creates jobs for rural youth. The number of agrotouristic houses is increasing every year across all villages attracting more and more visitors every year and attracting back those who have already experienced it to come again- such is this unique experience of nature and traditional Cyprus villages. The project took place in Agros village, where we met with many locals and learnt about the nature in troodos mountain villages. We spent a week there experiencing the simple and serene life, learning old folk customs, enjoying the surrounding peaceful nature life and the unique traditional foods and drinks.
The project was hosted by Youth Dynamics organization, Cyprus in cooperation with Youth Board of Cyprus under Erasmus plus program.

Photos are available on the below link: