The International Cooperation Evolution+ (ICE+), a “Contact Making Seminar”

Belgium, from 11-17 Feb. 2022.

Desert Bloom, participated in the International Cooperation Evolution+ (ICE+), a “Contact Making Seminar” in Belgium, from 11-17 Feb. 2022.

The youth workers project which was organized by EUROMED EVE Belgium, brough together 20 organization, from 20 different countries: (Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova, and Georgia). The ICE+ project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It fulfilled the following objectives:

  1. Bringing together youth workers professionals (Presidents, Founders, Trainers, Managers, Youth Project Manager) from 20 youth organizations (12 programs and 8 partner countries), to lay the foundations for a long-term partnership and develop mutual projects under Erasmus + programme.
  2. Promoting cooperation in working with young people at international level through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and good practices and experiences related to youth participation and non-formal education in a spirit of openness and tolerance.
  3. Promote existing European tools and methods to improve youth participation.

We developed together at least 10 ideas for future Erasmus + projects in the framework of non-formal education as well as others subjects, these projects will be implemented in various national agencies (2022- 2023).