Leadership for Young Entrepreneurs, London - UK

Training Course, August 2022

Leadership for Young Entrepreneurs, London - UK, August 2022

Desert Bloom participated in the “Leadership for Young Entrepreneurs” training course organized by Momentum World, UK under Erasmus Plus Programme. Desert Bloom was represented by Mr. Feras Naser, a distinguished contributor to Desert ‘s Capacity Building Program. He developed the Entrepreneurship Ended Education and 

The course included innovative icebreakers, STEM and Team Building exercises. We enjoyed the famous “London Challenge”;  touring around the city of London and exploring famous landmarks. A fun engaging experience that ends with dinner at a boat restaurant on the Thames River.

The course included ideation and pitching sessions, where each team presented an innovative idea for a potential social enterprise. The team of Feras  came up with the idea of creating a mobile app that connects sports team players across the world, the app provides social benefits such as support for mental health and youth integration.

 Testimony of Feras Naser

“I am so grateful to Desert Bloom for this opportunity which was engaging and enlightening. It would contribute to my aspiration to push global youth integration and innovation agenda”.